Granting Request


Granting Request is a grant to consent to carry out for a person : allow fulfillment of

Here are the other expressions of granting request.

  • Ok.
  • Certainly.
  • Alright.
  • Of course.
  • Right away.


Mery  : Hey what are you doing here?

Brad   : I’m waiting for the bus mer, but it doesn’t come yet

Mery  : By the way, where do you want to go ?

Brad   : I have to go to school now

Mery  : I see. Do you have to come soon there?

Brad   : Well, can you give me a ride?

Mery  : Of course, man. Come on.

Brad  : Thank you

Mery  : Yeay never mind. I just can go anywhere now.

Brad   : Ok then. Let’s go, mer!



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